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Exploring and Downloading Data from the Portal

COVID Cloud provides a beautiful web-based portal for researchers to explore and download data uploaded to the platform.


COVID Cloud can be configured to provide open or closed access to data. When configured for closed access, guests are prompted to login.


Researchers log in to closed access COVID Cloud instances using Passport. Passport is a digital identity for researchers, compliant with the GA4GH Passport standard, that streamlines their access to controlled datasets. Obtaining a Passport is simple and free.

Data Explorer

The COVID Cloud data explorer displays all of the data that has been uploaded to the platform and enables researchers to filter for data of interest.


Researchers can filter on metadata associated with the data, like accession number, collection date, and data source.


Researchers can download data from the explorer. They can choose to download all data associated with selected samples, or just specific file types. The files that a researcher selects are packaged into a single compressed file and downloaded through the browser.


Researchers can share links to filtered datasets (e.g. to collaborators).